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Rebel & Rye Patio

In 1791, an alcohol tax was set down on the new people of the United States. At the time whiskey was becoming more popular everywhere, and so the tax was called the “whiskey tax”. Three years later, in 1794, a rebellion erupted against the tax in protest. George Washington himself traveled to the rebellion site! A few hundred years later, and it was this rebellion that lead us to naming our home Rebel & Rye.

Rebellion is What We Do

This rebellious story is at the center of everything we do—it lets us explore cocktails with a new flair, bring that good old country feeling up north, and it lets us deliver the best service in Chicago (sorry, Clover, you know it’s true). We do things a little differently here in Rebel & Rye, and that’s part of the attraction to us. Since when have you heard of a Barrel of Beer? Or a country bar with a focus on unique, hand-crafted cocktails and whiskey? Even looking at the interior of the building, we don’t exactly look like your average cocktail bar, with our wooden beams and rustic lighting.

Come and spend some time with us the next time you’re out on the town and you can experience what separates us from everyone else. Our liquor selection, high-quality service, and multiple amenities make us a destination for everyone, including your family and friends. We’re located down in the River West and Fulton Market area, off of West Grand Ave. We only ask that you come as you are; there are no fancy dress codes and no expectations. Just good booze and good company.

Rebel & Rye Patio

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