When was the last time you were down in the south, sipping on sun-brewed sweet tea? Now you can get that feeling without leaving Chicago (what could be better?). Rebel & Rye is a southern themed bar, but with a local twist. We’re located down in the River West and Fulton Market area, off of West Grand Ave. A cocktail bar with local flair, country music, and big TVs, so come by and see us as we move into next season—our spirits are sure to keep yours raised.

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Rebel & Rye-Home for the KU football games
Rebel & Rye-Home for the Gamecocks football games
Your Home for the Philadelphia Eagles Football Games- Rebel & Rye
We Want To Sponsor Your Team!-Rebel & Rye
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Rebel & Rye Kick a Bottle

Have you ever seen so many bottles in one place? We have choices for beer, wine, vodka, gin, rum, agave, and the biggest selection of whiskey you’ve ever seen. With all these choices of liquor, we’ve developed many brand-new cocktails just for our clientele. That’s what we want to be known for; our unique cocktails are fantastic for any time of the year, just have a taste of our 30, Flirty & Vibing. We even have specialty amenities centered around our drinks, like the Kitchen Sinks, or our Kick the Bottle membership.

Come by Our Patio for Your Next Event

Our outdoor patio is a fantastic place to hold your next event. Private events are often scheduled and held in the area. And when there isn’t an event, that same area is open to the public. The outside location is a fantastic place for both summer and fall, and our location next to Clover makes it very easy to join up with friends for pre-gaming before your night out.

Rebel & Rye Patio
Rebel & Rye Patio
Rebel & Rye Patio
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